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Our Story

Let’s start from the beginning… The beginning of a life  changing event that has brought us here.  My story is Our Story. Having the weight of the world on you and then learning how to breathe all over again. As a three time breast cancer survivor, my desire was to know that I was chosen to create something from my life’s journey.

I believe that every woman deserves to be loved and treated  with dignity and care when it comes to her elevation above the impressions that  cancer can try to place on us. After searching for a way to give myself the personal touch that makes me feel  good inside and out, I discovered that there is a need to make a difference when it comes to a woman’s outward appearance. But it’s really the inward warmth that gives us the boost to keep on moving, to be free. That’s why I created CaVELL’S Specialty Boutique. Because it’s always been a part of me. That feeling when I embrace a sister whose heart needs a soft  whisper of “I do care.” This is where we embrace life and embrace you.

Cavell R. Dudley

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