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Breast Prosthesis

An external breast prosthesis is a breast form intended to emulate the look, feel and motion of natural breast tissue.  It is a viable option for a woman to wear after having a mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction; the breast form is a comfortable and natural-looking alternative to additional surgery.

There are a variety of breast forms designed to best fulfill your specific needs during the recovery process. The most common form is made from silicone that helps to restore balance to your silhouette and confidence to your femininity. Your appearance starts with the perfect foundation, which is why choosing the right breast form is so important.  We are here to give you as much help and advice needed to ensure you choose the most comfortable and natural breast form for you.

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Form Types

  • Fiber-filled Leisure form: Soft form w/fiber-filled interior. Ideal for immediate use after breast surgery; can be worn with a post-surgical bra or camisole.
  • Foam Leisure form:  Light weighted form w/foam interior. Ideal use during times of leisure, sleep and recreational activities when a full silicone form is not needed; can be worn in a leisure bra or camisole.
  • Full Form: Silicone breast forms simulate the look, feel and texture of a natural breast. They provide symmetry and balance and should be worn securely in a mastectomy bra.
  • Partials/Shapers: Silicone Partials or Shapers provide an invisible solution to uneven breasts. They enhance your silhouette & fit into your bra where you need to be more even. Ideal use for women who had lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery.
  • Swim: Specially designed swim forms are also available to hold up to chlorine or salt water and preserve your everyday prosthesis.
  • Custom: Silicone breast form custom designed and constructed to mimic the shape of your remaining breast within a bra. It is intended to be worn against your chest wall and not in the pocket of a mastectomy bra for the most natural appearance. *Contact our Certified Mastectomy Fitter for more information and a consultation*.